Wishing Well

Making a wish is a worldwide tradition. From all walks of life, people everywhere find continued hope in their hearts, and continue to dream, no matter what obstacles life throws our way. The tradition of making wishes spans the ages as far as the soul can see. From age-old tradition to newly created ones by the children of tomorrow, the art of wishing continues to grow it’s roots in the heart of humanity. Whether it’s wishing on the first star you see at night, tossing coins into a fountain, blowing candles on a birthday cake, eating green M&M’s and so on, there is a basic universal truth about wishing: It’s a positive focus on a heart’s desire that makes it come true. We all create with our thoughts, but mostly with habitual and negative thinking. Wishing reveals the fondness of the heart and opens the doors for possibility.

So, I’ve created a way for us to combine our positive energies into making our wishes come true. I offer two different ways for you to wish:

1) You can submit a wish in the comments below for viewers to see. Having your wish posted for other eyes allows the viewers to contribute their energies to your wish manifesting. Or;

2) You can mentally make your wish & click on the wishing pond below. This also puts your wish out into the ether. I recommend you really conjure up the desired feelings for that which you’re wishing for before clicking.

Make a Wish and Click the Pond!

You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. Richard Bach


  1. Brenda
    Jun 21, 2018

    Below are all of the previous wish entries before converting this site to this new format (that’s why they are all Anonymous and with the same date).

  2. Anonymous
    Jun 21, 2018

    I wish that my daughter will find her way out of anxiety and depression and become truly happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

  3. Anonymous
    Jun 21, 2018

    I wish for happiness and joy in my life that will be spread to others around me.

  4. Edie
    Jun 21, 2018

    I wish both my sons do well in their job and life also my grandson and granddaughter. I wish I have a good time on my trip to see my son for his birthday.