Sign Symbols & Delivery

Sign symbols and how they’re delivered are personable for each of us but we can take it further by requesting specific symbols to act as our sign symbols. I have done this with lightning. At one point on a single occasion, I asked for a sign and asked for lightning to be my sign symbol as a positive confirmation. Since then lightning has turned up repeatedly for me as a sign of confirmation.

Our divinities are very in tune with who we are personally and usually do offer signs using symbols that are personal to us anyway, and often these will change as we change.

For avid music listeners, signs may appear in songs playing on the radio or a CD, or in specific words we happen to catch when we otherwise weren’t really paying attention, while tuning through radio stations. Signs can also appear as words from an overheard conversation when standing in line or while flipping channels on the TV. Words or images on billboards or advertising, in articles or books we’re reading or flipping through.

A funny story: I was once seriously contemplating whether to get a tattoo or not. I had previously been against it (for myself personally) but had recently begun reconsidering. I asked for a sign as to whether or not this would be something I would ever regret. Within a day or so, I was in a bookstore and happened to walk down an isle I didn’t usually browse in bookstores. On the floor right in front of me was a book titled, “Do Not Get a Tattoo”!

Signs come to us constantly, whether we ask for them or not. It’s our own states of mind and awareness that affect our receptivity to them. For example, in Jim Carey’s movie Bruce Almighty, he is angry and negative at the bad things life has thrown at him, but during the movie it shows him receiving signs all along, such as the danger street signs as he’s heading towards a blockade in the road. I was very delighted when this movie came out because I thought surely it would awaken many perceptions to the world of signs!

The symbols and delivery of signs really are unlimited. There is no such thing as coincidence. It’s all one constant stream of synchronicity, so if something happens that makes you smile, makes you think or look twice, don’t write it off as coincidence. It’s probably a sign for you. The more open you become to listening to the Universe speaking to you in every moment, you will find you will receive signs and answers and confirmations without having to ask for them. The conversational dance between you and your divinity becomes natural and effortless and more smooth and consistent. This is how it is for me now and I’m having a blast!

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Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God. Diana Robinson