How to Ask for Signs

How to Ask for a Sign
There really is no right or wrong way to ask for sign. It’s quite similar to asking a dinner partner to pass the salt, only you are addressing Spirit instead. Simply state out loud what you’d like, addressing your divinity of preference (God, Spirit, Universe, etc.) and use whatever verbiage you are most comfortable with. For example, someone wanting to know if they’re in the right profession could ask for a sign by saying, “Spirit, please give me a sign to let me know if I’m in the right profession for me. Thank you.”

It’s important to be clear about what you are asking and to try to avoid asking multiple-choice questions such as, “Does he love me or not?” This is multiple choice in that the question being asked is “does he, or doesn’t he” and the response you get from Spirit may be indeterminate. Single questions bring clearer results, so the better way to ask something like this would be simply, “Does he love me?”

You can also create conditions for which your sign is to be delivered, such as, “If I am meant to get this job, then they will call me before anyone else calls with a job offer” or by using symbols, such as, “If I am meant to get this job, then I am receiving a sign of confirmation in the form of a feather.”

When to Expect Your Sign
Signs are always delivered, but many people think their sign requests go unanswered. They simply missed them when it was delivered. Many people expect signs to be dramatic and obvious but they can actually be quite subtle and very personable.

So it’s important to release expectations of how your sign will be delivered and to stay open to the communicative Universe around you. The better you get at being open and detached to the outcome, the faster, more strongly and creatively your signs will be delivered.

Signs can appear instantly but can also take a few days to appear. Again, it all depends on how open you are to receiving it. When you ask for your sign, you could also request that the sign keeps being delivered until you get it (it usually does anyway, at least in my own experience).

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I was outside at night a while back and asked for a sign. You know, just something cool, or novel, I wanted something to happen. Then instantly, a massive blue shooting star went across the whole sky. It was an incredible moment. Light Wizard