Thread 8: More Joy

Copyright © 09-03-2003 Louise Eamick Kirkpatrick

From my understanding, I know that joy comes from Father. Peace, joy and truth. All combined, bring blessings and love. They all seem to work together. When you have one of these emotions, more are sure to follow. I don’t like NOT being joyful. I am going to try to surround myself with as much positive thinking as possible. When I am around people who are yelling, being mean or downright cruel, it seems to pull my happiness right down to the bottom of my soul. I think that those negative emotions, begin flowing into mine, and the next thing I know, it is stealing my joy, and I start reacting with feelings and emotions, that I do not want to possess.

I have to learn to step away from these situations, whether it be in public or private. It is sometimes awkward to do, but necessary for me. I will try to keep positive images and items around me whenever possible. This can be done with color, scents, positive books or movies, music that sings to my soul, or just remembering some of the good times in my life.

I am learning that I can carry on a conversation with Father, anytime and anywhere. Because I am not putting Him into certain time slots, I feel He and I are becoming closer. He will lift my spirits if I let Him, but I must be willing to let Father do this. I feel Father knows more about joy and love than I do. He knows all the little secret passages to finding and keeping joy. I find it sometimes in this world, but it never seems to last. It always seems to be fleeting from me, faster than it came.

Like sand, through my fingers. I can hold my fist as tight as I can, but it still manages to slip through. When I let Father help me hold the sand (joy), no matter how many times I open and close my hand, the joy is still there. It is busy dancing up my fingertips, strolling up my arm, straight to my heart. When it gets to its destination, the feeling so overwhelms me, that I don’t want to move or even breathe, for fear that I will lose it. But when I finally move or breathe, I realize that His joy is still there, it makes me so happy, sometimes I cry. The realness of this joy I feel, leads me to ponder, how and what will it feel like when I am totally home with my Father.

Submitted by: Louise Eamick Kirkpatrick



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