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The other day while reading in my back yard a large black helicopter flew by. Then after it got distance smaller two large black birds went flying by seeming to chase it, wings flapping wildly seeming yelling mommy mommy wait for us! It gave me quite the chuckle. Life is what we see of it. Have an awareness day!

Submitted by: Gloria


LOL! Wonderful observation, Gloria. I love crows, they are one of the most intelligent and fascinating of all birds. The owl and the crow are my two main animal “totems” (spiritual animal guides). I have had some truly amazing experiences with the crow. The crow is like my guardian. I’ve had one caw at me incessantly just an hour or so before I had a very bad experience. I’ve had similar experiences many, many times. On one wintry but clear day, I was experiencing a significant and happy occurrence in my life, and noticed a single crow sitting in the only tree (a leafless one) in a large field nearby. It was quite a distance from me. But as soon as I saw it, I knew… It was still and I could tell it was facing me as this experience unfolded. It seems when they get very close to me, it’s a warning of something not so pleasant about to happen. At a distance, it’s like a loving parent watching over his/her beloved child 🙂 In those instances, it’s quite warming, although I tense up a bit when they fly directly overhead. But they always assure me in those times, that I’ll be okay.they’re watching 😉 Indeed, life is invariably how we see it. Namaste, Dove

Submitted by: Dove


loved your story it reminds me of my beloved pet bird sunny boy he was a lovely bird always wanting attention from me. One day he got out of his cage and flew away of course i was devastated because he was my best friend!! and it was the middle of winter so i feared that he may have froze anyhow a few months later in the spring i was out in my garden and found a sunflower growing it brought a huge smile to my face because sunflower seeds were his favorite food i realized that some of his food must have spilled into the garden. I am sure it was a sign from my beloved bird!!! hope you like my story

Submitted by: Aries girl


when i was a little girl, my parents used to fight, night i went to bed frightened and sad. my parents were fighting. the next morning, i woke up and went to my back door, at the very back of the yard (no garden only two trees)was a huge sun flower, my first thought was oh my god, god sent me a beautiful flower, to let me know the world is beautiful and god loves me.what this wonder of wonders(at the time,as this was also my first sighting of a sunflower)did for me that day. let me know pain can be waved away and everything is brand new, to start all over again, with a smile.blessed. graced.

Submitted by: blessallways


Three little birds were on my doorstep, singing sweet songs, of melodies pure and true – sayin’, this is my message to you – don’t worry, worry ’bout a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright… BOB MARLEY

Submitted by: Anonymous


Big Bird Flys when not forgetting her baby birds. Gold in color, like Sesame Street’s Big Bird, I can BE. As I remember, Never to Forget what is MINE, of Myself in ME. Mainly, by Being the KEY HOLDER of thoughts in my head creatively within my control. A-self known to have 2 birds of my own…a heart and a mind….always leaving a connection to Heaven. Knowing my own Truth. Remaining HON.est with my higher Source of Power. Not believing hearsay, superstitious fearful ugly stuff about another until I see this with my own eyes. Certainly, not spreading the HATE around to harm another individual that may hurt their LIFE. By sticking to that,in which,I KNOW. BEING
A: Angel
W: Worldy
A: Attune
R: Realistic
E: Evolutionary
of that Most Important LOVE of Unconditions. That this LOVE Comes from within first, leaving that of abundance to share with another,human being, like ME(with myself and I).

Submitted by: iKARAEl Copyright © (Q) 2007 (TALE 4ORE)


These stories remind me of our cockatiel bird. About fifteen years ago she was ill and the vet said unfortunately there was not much that could be done for the small bird. She was now on the bottom of the cage and not able to stand on a perch any longer cause she was so weak. Well with that, night was upon us and my daughter and I were afraid to go to sleep because we felt that she might not make it through the night, so we got this great idea to lay hands on the bird before we retired for the night.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matt 18:20

We prayed laying hands on her, closed the cage and went to sleep believing in a miracle. When morning came we both ran to she how she was doing and there she was on her perch again healed by the blood of Jesus. This has always been one of my most inspiring stories of a miracle that I have personally witnessed on an animal. My daughter now 31 loves this story as well. I shall continue to thank the Lord for all good things.

Submitted by: Rachel



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