Project Inspire

Project Inspire is about creating threads of inspiration created by you, my visitors, for the purpose of inspiring, of being inspired and of witnessing how one’s shared inspiration inspires another, creating a chain-reaction of total inspiration!

Here’s how it works: One first inspirational piece is written (and it could be a poem, short story, article or anything as long as it’s inspiring or tells of one’s experience of being inspired). In turn, viewers are invited to submit their own piece that was inspired by the most recent one in the thread, so it’s successive. This will create a chain-reaction of inspiration that I feel will be fascinating to read and watch as it unfolds and blossoms into whatever it becomes! Not to mention the many viewers who watch silently that will become inspired simply by reading the threads even if they choose not to participate. Their energy will be with us, and your energy will affect them. It will be beautiful!

You will have the option to write an inspiring piece based on an existing thread of inspiration or to create a whole new one with yours being the first. To submit a piece, use the form below.

For the love of inspiration, in Love, Light and Laughter


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Existing Threads:

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Inspiration is the gift of those who have experienced life at its most defined moments. Sasha Azevedo