Dream Types

There are many different types of dreams. Here are the types that I am most familiar with and are a regular part of my own personal dream system. It’s important to note that dream types often tend to blend into one another so it’s not always easy to define what type your dream was upon waking.

Precognitive/Prophetic Dreams
These are dreams that predict the future. There are two common types of precognitive dreams – symbolic and literal. Earthquakes in a literal dream would portend an actual earthquake, while in a symbolic dream they would symbolize great changes coming. Same with tornadoes.

Divine Dreams
These are dreams where communications/visitations take place with divine beings, with intentions to assist the dreamer on some level. They could be bringing messages, helping with healing, teaching, bringing answers, and so on.

Answer Dreams / Information Dreams
Self explanatory, these dreams deliver answers or information to questions or queries that have been on our minds. You can ask specifically for an answer to come to you in a dream. I do this a lot with stellar success!

Lucid Dreams
These are vivid dreams where the dreamer realizes that they’re dreaming, and can then take control of the dream and manipulate it, affecting it’s progress. Many people do dream work and healing with this type of dream.

Astral Dreams
These are actual adventures of your astral body. We all have these but commonly mistake them for regular dreams. You can distinguish these types by the vibrant colors and the buoyancy of your movement. Often, flying dreams and dreams where you are being chased and have unusual leaping or bouncing abilities are actual astral projections.

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Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask. X-Files