Dream Systems

We can define the meaning of our dreams by defining our dream meanings and symbols. We can actually dictate what symbols we want and what we want them to represent, thus creating our own dream systems. The result is a set or pattern of determined and specific criteria that consistently and personally apply to our own dream life. This would include symbols that are personal to us with our own consistent meaning, regardless of what mainstream dream dictionaries imply. A dream system could also include specific types of dreams that are dominant for us. For instance, one can choose to regularly have divine dreams, or precognitive dreams, or a combination.

My own dream system consists of the whole gamut of dream types, including different types of precognitive dreams (symbolic & literal), divine dreams, answer dreams, OOBE’s, and so on. If I dream the same exact thing three times, it means it’s precognitive literally, as in it will happen just like it does in the dream instead of the precognitive dream being symbolic.

While I was born a natural and vivid dreamer, I have expanded and built on my dream system with my intent. Anyone can create or mold their own dream system. All it takes is the intent for it, and that this intent be communicated to their Higher Power (God, Spirit, etc.). And so it is! It really IS that simple!

For example, I used to live in one of California’s earthquake zones. I’d have earthquake dreams as symbolic premonitions of change or disruption coming into my life. I’d wake up scared that an actual earthquake was about to hit and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finally had to ordain that my symbol of “change or disruption” be changed to something else, and I also suggested that they offer more information. Since then, whenever disruption or change is about to occur in my life, I dream of some form of tornado hitting a key place that represents a specific area of my life (i.e. tornado hits at home indicating change or disruption at home).

There are no limits to how you can create your own dreaming system. If your dream recall is vague, limited and infrequent, I’d suggest you begin there. You can do this by simply stating to your Higher Power that you are hereby creating yourself a dream system and it begins with excellent, frequent dream recall. Next you can assign specific symbols for specific meanings, and you can also ordain different types of dreams, i.e. precognitive, learning, answers, etc. Again, it’s all done by intent and the communication of this intent to your Higher Power.

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Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman