Dream Symbolism

Despite what mainstream dream dictionaries say, dream symbolism is much more personal and not as general. There are some universal symbols, such as tornadoes representing change or disruption, or water representing emotions, and death representing change or rebirth, but even the universal symbols are flexible to individual personalization.

There’s always an exception to the rule, however. For instance, death dreams generally represent change or rebirth, or death of an aspect of the self or an idea, but there are times that people will dream of death as a precognition. Same thing with earthquakes and tornadoes. If you live in an area prone to these conditions, the dreams could be precognitive, but they can also be symbolic. I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area in CA where earthquakes were common. I’d have earthquake dreams and wake up scared an earthquake was going to occur, because it’d happened before. But most of the time they were symbolic of change or disruption coming into my life. I finally had to conform my personal dream system to alleviate this anxiety. Since then my symbol for change or disruption has been tornadoes.

The key to understanding your symbols is in the meaning of the symbol to you, personally. If you dream of a cat, ask yourself what a cat means to you. If the symbol has no particular meaning, then a universal interpretation may apply. Paying particular attention to any emotions that may come up when you think about your dream symbol can offer more meaning to what it is trying to convey in your dream.

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Dreams say what they mean, but they don’t say it in daytime language. Gail Godwin