Gratitude Journal

grat·i·tude n: The state of being grateful; thankfulness.
n: A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.


Gratitude is a grateful attitude. Grateful + Attitude = Gratitude! Being grateful for what we have helps create space for more abundance of any type to come to us, because we are focusing on the positive, and what we focus on expands in our experience. I’ve created this Gratitude Journal for You, my Visitors, and below are all of your submissions to date. You can submit your gratitude journal entry in the comments field below.


Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. Henry Ward Beecher


  1. Brenda
    Jun 16, 2018

    Below are all of the previous gratitude entries before converting this site to this new format (that’s why they are all Anonymous and with the same date).

  2. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    Am truly blessed, looking forward to more revelations. AMEN!

  3. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    There’s just so many wonderful things that I am grateful for that I’m not sure I can name them all, however, my heart is full of gratitude. Mostly, I am grateful for my heavenly parents & family & my earthly parents & family & all their love & that I can feel and perceive their love. For one thing I’m certain, love is the only thing that lasts forever and I’m grateful for all the love I receive in this world and in the heavens it’s all around us. Thank you

  4. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful to have a husband who loves me and cares for me unconditionally.

  5. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for my amazing mum (who is my guiding star in life), my brill brothers, my truly wonderful friends & my beautiful cat Lucy. And loads & loads of other great things – including this website!

  6. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for the life I have.
    I am grateful for the wonderful children and grandchildren that bring so much joy and happiness into my life.
    I am grateful for the family and friends I have and all the companionship that they have filled my life with over the years.
    I am grateful for the roof over my head, the food I have to eat, the clothes I wear and the means to sustain the life I have.
    I am grateful for this day and the opportunity to live it to the fullest….I am truly blessed!
    I am truly blessed

  7. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for escaping an abusive relationship and building on being me again 🙂

  8. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for all the abundant joy in my life today tomorrow and forever!!

  9. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for all my past life experiences that have shaped and formed me into the person I am today. I have had many wonderful experiences, but it has been through the bad, hard and tough struggles in my life, that did the most shaping and forming. They gave me the ability to keep things in perspective, to persevere and to feel true gratefulness. I am a much better person because of those struggles. I believe God uses, not creates, these struggles as a refining fire for my mental, spiritual and emotional transformation. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

  10. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for the true friendships I have developed and how they love me just the way I am today, they don’t judge me and help rather than hinder me.

  11. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I’m grateful that I have a healthy and beautiful son. I’m grateful that of all the people in the world, I was the one who was chosen to be his mother.

  12. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am grateful for the gift of children and for all the love and fun that they bring to life. Let all children be kept loved and safe.

  13. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am most grateful for my 2/09 layoff, and having spirit take this opportunity and open me up to the world so many have their eyes closed to. I now see and believe!

  14. Anonymous
    Jun 16, 2018

    I am immeasurably blessed for god to give me such amazing, perfect children and the ability and desire to be their mom and love them beyond measure. I am truly touched by my co-workers – Travis and Jackye in particular. they have provided me so much love, support, and kindness when I needed it the most. I am forever blessed and abundantly overflowing with gods love and him leading me to the love of my life – I LOVE YOU KHI… you give me hope, strength, willingness, happiness, and the ultimate give-true love – I love you more every second and every day. You are truly an angel to me!!!! I love you Jesus and i exalt you forever and all of eternity!!!!!!!