Affirmations for Confidence

I am reliant, self-confident, full of determination and independence.
Every day I am becoming more and more self-confident.
I have great inner courage and project a positive self-image.
I am confident, optimistic and look forward to new challenges.
I am knowing that I will emerge a winner in everything I do, because I know the true meaning of winning.
I am able to accomplish my goals because I am physically and emotionally relaxed and in complete balance and harmony.
I am persistent and ambitious.
I believe in my abilities and I am proud of myself and continue to do the things that make me proud.
I have the willpower and the discipline to do anything I desire.
Day by day in every way I am becoming more aware of my strength.
I am able to unleash my potential, and I am forceful and dynamic as required in any given situation.
I have the power and ability to create any reality in which I desire to live.


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