Thread 9: Tapestry of Love

Copyright © 2003 Louise Eamick Kirkpatrick

I feel like I am opening and unfolding a deep, layered, gift that I have received. Just when I think I have passed all the layers to get to the gift, I have discovered that the layers, I’ve passed through are the gift. Each layer of my life is a gift to my soul. I see now, that I should have taken more time and care as I passed through the layers. Then if and when I felt that particular layer of life wasn’t what I wanted, I might have stopped, and looked back through it, to see the jewels I possibly had missed.

How many acres of diamonds have I carelessly thrown aside over the years, while I’ve been searching for the treasures of this life and the next? It makes me wonder how my life might have turned out differently, had I the knowledge then, that I have now.

The more I become aware of the power of God within me, the more I realize that there are still many steps to be taken and many more, that have wasted this gift of life, on many occasions. Time spent, emotions abused, that kept me taking the same steps over and over again. If I only knew back then what I feel I know now, I would have changed many decisions and followed through on the things I recognize as important to my very being, that I let fall to the wayside, out of complete ignorance of life’s true values.

When I decided to seek God out and know him intimately, I had no idea of what I would encounter on this journey. I have always talked and prayed to God, most of my life. I have tried to be good to people and animals, but I have found that the gesture is not always returned, in kind. But one of the truths I have become aware of is that I did all my talking and praying on the surface, so to speak. When I finally started seeking him out on a different level, He became more real to me then I ever would imagine. I started seeing Him, not just in churches or books, but in the people around me, people that I never would have expected to know God, simply because they didn’t follow the religious path laid before them.

The most humbling event in my life, was my own discovery, that I had become a judgmental hypocrite. Thinking I had a great relationship with God, when all along I barely even knew Him. Oh, I knew words that talked about Him, but not Him. Nor who He was in relationship to me and all others. There is so much I have yet to learn and much more I quite possibly may never understand, before this life is done. I have come to understand, for myself, that I am connected to everybody. Even people, because of their actions, that I wouldn’t want to be connected to. They are also connected to me and they might not even want to acknowledge that connection. I feel we have a connecting thread that ties us all together, and that is the God within me and you, that I am discovering is as real to my existence as the very breath that I breathe (to quote one of my previous quotes).

I have been thinking lately, that my life is a piece of tapestry, and I am the weaver, intrinsically and steadily, weaving the wanted and unwanted threads, throughout this life. And God within me is gently and steadily trying to guide my needle, when I will allow Him to be the master weaver. But as a human, I am finding that I think I should be in charge most of the time. I seem to think I know what’s better for my life. Many times I have given Father problems to help me with, then just as quickly, snatched them back, because it wasn’t going like I wanted it to, or it was taking too long. Foolish, foolish woman, I am. The only person I am hurting is myself and the ones I think I am trying to help. I have no right to do that to others. If I wish to make that choice for myself, so be it. But not for others.

When I find a thread woven into my tapestry that is out of harmony, I search frantically and desperately to find a peaceful thread, to offset the disharmony. Because even if I think I have fixed the snag, it will still remain with me. It will fade into the background, but always be there to remind me that the whole piece needs looked at, not just happy or unhappy strands. Simply because all of them make up the whole, good and bad, as I understand them. When someone else’s tapestry gets a snag in it, I am affected too. Especially if they are close to me. It’s as if every happening, good or bad, flows into the people next to them, and thus it becomes a ripple effect, and goes on and on. It’s like a giant spool of thread hovering over me and I am constantly breaking off pieces and weaving away, but every time I look at the spool, the thread never seems to diminish. It amazes me.

Many times over the years, I have snatched threads and hoarded them up, waiting till I took time to weave them in my life. Now I see, I have wasted many of those precious threads, because they tend to become tangled and hard to weave, because I have forgotten how I wanted them to fit into the tapestry. Another thing I have come to realize, is that all these threads are of different sizes and strengths. The strongest, and the only one that really seems to last through all the happenings, is the golden thread of love. Everything that I love or have loved, have become permanently woven within my life. And if I didn’t think of the threads as being love connected, they seemed to fade away into the background, as if they were not important enough to me to keep on the surface. There were many times I let threads fade away, that should have been kept on the surface, simply because I didn’t understand, that they were really love. They were in a form I didn’t recognize as valuable at the time. How foolish I was.

All forms of love, caring, compassion, kindness, and many other words that I can’t remember at this moment, are the strongest and the longest lasting, simply because they help guide my tapestry of life, through the weakest threads, that tend to snag and tear the whole peace. If I don’t take time to gather in the golden threads, then my tapestry will truly look, hopeless, worn and tattered. Something else I have discovered. As I gather them in, I give them out, and they become valuable to everyone else that my tapestry touches. Everyone that becomes aware of my golden threads, gets to weave them into their tapestry, if I’m willing to share them. And yes, they are shareable. The more I share, I have come to discover, that they have never really left mine at all..They have somehow became meshed with other people’s threads and begin unfolding continually, like a flowing river, surrounding, absorbing and strengthening, the weakest threads, making them stronger within other people’s lives.

Many times I have felt, that I could no longer give, give, give. That one day I might wake up and find this big, ugly, empty hole in my life, because I had given it all away. After I sleep, I awake and just start giving it all away, all over again. I feel that God must come to me in my sleep and take away the in-securities that I was feeling and replenished my supply, so to speak. I have no other way of explaining this. It amazes me to no end. Some days, I feel my tapestry being lifted out of my protective box, that I store it in, to be shaken out in front of me like a downy quilt. Just for me to be able to see the beauty of the whole piece. I understand that even when one thread seems weakened or threatened, I observe how all the threads are being woven together for strength.

Strength that comes from the recognition that Love is the thread that binds life all together, and my precious God is that Love, God knows my weaknesses in this world and He constantly shares His love and strength with me, to enable me to keep on reaching out for thread after thread, weaving the connection with others, thus adding to the harmony and strength of the whole piece (peace), called life.

Submitted by: Louise Eamick Kirkpatrick


Faith, Hope and Taking Chances
Copyright © 2008 Teri Leigh Teed

Some men search for it all their lives.
Some look a long time, some look a short time.
Some choose not to look for it all
and thus lose hope and faith in life.

All of us want it, yet some will not take the chance to find it. For them, the risk means pain and that is a price they will not pay.

It finds all that take the chance
to look for it.
Once found, a wise man pays the price to keep it.
For the true kind is the best and the one
worth all the risk.

Once found, it will bring pure joy, add hope,
chase away all doubts and fears,
and bring light to the dark.
And it does not ask for a thing.

The warmth it gives can be spread –
a gift to all that will take it, and share it.
It can bond all men as one, if they let it.
It has the strength to end all wars, stop plagues
and droughts.

What a shame that all the world does not know it,
for it will share with young and old,
rich and poor, black and white.

The risk is so small and the gain is so great.
Yet some are still blind to its ways.

What a day it will be –
When the whole world finds love.

Submitted by: Teri Leigh Teed

My vision is to create with other like-minded artisans and craftspeople a community of self expression, beauty, and healing through art. Story telling and creating are passionate ways of bringing the beauty of the past into the awe of the present moment.



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