Thread 6: Awareness

Awareness …
As simple as watching a leaf fall from a tree.
As my health has been lacking what it used to be
I am becoming increasingly aware of what it is telling me.
I woke from my sleep to take a bathroom break,
I saw unusual lines and my head shook a bit.
I knew exactly what was happening.
When it was over the calm was profound.
It felt like I was in another realm for several hours after that.
Ahhh such awareness of myself.
I was totally aware of another mini stroke.

Submitted by: Sarah Christianson


I listen to Ram Dass as he counsels a lovely couple who have lost a child in death. As he shares his unbelievable wisdom with them via a letter, he congratulates them on the hard task of “staying conscious”, in such a painful time. As I heard his words to them, I became filled with awareness of my own resistance to “conscious”, living, yet I knew that to stay conscious is my key to living well, and living in love a greater share of the time. I am blessed to know many people who are practicing conscious living, and they support me to see how the quality of their life continues to bloom, taking them into peace, joy, and abundant living on a scale that can only come from paying close attention to their lives and not allowing the ego of this world to distract them. to Ram Dass I say thank you, to my own gentle spirit I say thank you, and to those who are rising above the scattered ways of a bruised and hurting world I say thank you, for making it possible for me to be even more useful, and compassionate as I learn to live in the now. May we all be blessed, may we all be free from suffering.

Submitted by: Sharon


imagine what life would be, if we knew not of death. for those who want or think they are leaving us and our planet, maybe not-until we love this life, all our life’s-love everyone on planet-dimensions. Linda Goodman’s book, “star signs” chapter-physical immortality.

Submitted by: blessallways


Awareness is a gift often taken for granted. It requires the confidence that all is as it should be. Awareness of self as part of all is the key to true appreciation of this gift of life. It is the threshold of opportunity to experience true growth and spiritual enlightenment. We label so many experiences with a negative identification that we often forget the times of true growth and peace follow such experiences. Finding awareness, for me, requires facing fears and allowing the Universe to unfold before me. Once I am aware I am free to create my reality and transform energy for the greater good.

Submitted by: Ronna Marie


The more I appreciate my awareness, the more the universe reveals.

Submitted by: -Gabriel Giovara




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