Thread 4: Dream Song

Behind closed eyes, there is a place she goes
The thief of dreams will never know
Her only friend, the voice of a song
In a special place where dreams belong…
Magic in melody, her spirit dances free
Where others have abandoned and never believed.
A thief steals a chance with promises told,
And laughs as you cry when left broken to hold.
So, when the thief saw the girl in her dance
Song held her safe in a dream… of chance
A reflection now seen of the little girl grown
Is now the voice of a song for another to know
Sharing the gift of words in the wind…
I’ve come to write this to say
Thank you
My friend!

Submitted by: Lana K.
Little Hearts and Voices Foundation
The Inspire a Dream Project v.1c. 1995 and founded on April 19, 1995
By God my friend, my guide.


Lana K’s piece above has been a favorite of mine since it was submitted so I just had to participate myself. ~Brenda

“We ARE the Dream”

Becoming the dream
and not the remains
of a distant memory
A life lived in silence
sans the fading whispers
of a long-forgotten love song
Dwelling only in the shadows
of a broken heart,
lingering, gently, on the trails
of the fading notes
hoping, perhaps, to be
caught in the fade… but nay
My slumbering heart
has woken to a touch, it seems,
of an angels wings
across my heart and through my soul
surfing the trails
of my own star
vibrant and galactic
I’ve awoken to me
becoming the dream
When the living world
closes her eyes to rest
I am the dream she sees
I am the life she lives
inside the dream
when all her hopes
are free to be
Becoming my own dream,
I am.
Dream with me
And become your own dream, too.

Submitted by: Brenda Barnhart
Copyright © 2007 Brenda Barnhart



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