Thread 2: True Reflection

Have you looked in the mirror lately?
Tell me what your eyes reveal
Are you reflecting Nobel beauty
or are you afraid of what you see?
Perhaps the mirror is broken
like pieces of your heart
Sharp edges to remind you
of the times you missed the mark.
A heart once strong and full of life
Perfect in every way
lay scattered at your feet
broken and betrayed.
Each piece is a reflection of memories
some distant and some close
The largest are the sharpest
The ones that hurt the most.
Look closely at the jagged pieces
and see them as misconstrued.
Broken pieces of a false ideal
you thought were the real you.
Be still for just a moment
realize what is true
Now look again in the mirror
the one in front of you.
Do you not perceive it?
Your true reflection is perfection
all has been restored
because of the one
who gave his life.
Jesus Christ
The Savior The Lord.

Angela Ann Teresa, July 2005
Submitted by: Angie


As I look into the mirror
Who is it that I see?
The longer I look
The more it comes to me
It’s like a photograph
Aged beyond my memory
Grateful that it is only
A view from outside
And doesn’t reveal
The true me inside
Knowing it is what it is
And I don’t have to hide

Submitted by: Sarah Christianson


i look into the mirror
and im not as perfect as i used to be
i am marked now
blemished and lined and scarred
by stories of trouble and strife
and ain’t i proud
cos these are battle scars
and i have earned my stripes

Submitted by: kelly


Above the Clouds Beyond the Stars…

Above the clouds beyond the stars
where heightened spirits soar
Beyond the seven pillars white
behind the seventh door
And down the vaulted entrance hall
where ancient wisdom’s stored
Each tiny piece your mirror makes
lie scattered on the floor

And there an Angel looks upon
this puzzle heaven sent
He gently places pieces
where they very first were meant
And as the mirror nears repair
the Angels on his knees
For in the mirror looking back
Gods likeness He does see

It’s not the same as once He’d seen
this image at His feet
The scars and every broken dream
had made it more complete
With loving hands the Angel
hangs the mirror in the hall
There were no more broken pieces
He didn’t have them all

And there the image shines among
the other countless stars
Reflecting only beauty
to ones who view afar
And one day soon the pieces spent
each one in its own place
Reflection will transform to love
the perfect gift of grace

Copyright © Jeff D. 2007
Submitted by: Jeff D.


Copyright © Jeff D & Shelly July/07

A child I see
in the lagoon
Reflected to me
through the laughing moon
Worth more than the diamonds
within that lie
In the valley below
this child of mine

And thru the leaves
of the silver trees
I here the laughter
in the breeze
The care free candor
from the sky
A special vision
lost in time

Oh give me strength
Peace, laughing moon
Renew my richness
Valley, soon
Bring back my laughter
silver trees
Restore my vision
child, please
For in this nights
reflections lie
The Masters touch
a babies cry
A song that sings
of promise past
Forever new
my heart at last

This poem was started by one of the writing challenges on this site: 4 lines with the words lagoon, child, diamond, and valley, but turned into a back and forth Email between myself and my daughter. We had fun with it. Thanks for letting us post. Jeff D

Submitted by: Jeff D & Shelly T


Note by Brenda: That writing challenge is Diamond Eyes, and I’m glad you and your daughter enjoyed it and had some fun with it, because I certainly had fun writing it. And this is funny – my own father and I have recently been writing a poem back and forth together as well. A little synchronicity is at play I guess. Your writing is lovely.

Here is the poem my father & I wrote together:

The Face in the Mirror
Copyright © Michael Barnhart and Brenda Barnhart 2007

When I look in the mirror
I see your face
And remember that you are mine.

And as I look back
I see you too
A bond, remembered
Regardless of passing time

As the Eagle soars
The vast open skies
My spirit searches for you.

I feel the breeze of comfort wings
A faint echo, drawing near
Whispering words I’ve longed to hear

Through the mirror my mind escapes
Toward the fleeting image I see
Calling out in this timeless world
“Come back, please, come back to me.”

“Daddy? Daddy, is that you?”
Before my wings can lift me up
My heart ignites to light your way

And the face in the mirror
Lights up when I see
That your image is here to stay.

Indeed, it is,
I’m glad to say
With you, my image
Is here to stay.

Submitted by: Michael Barnhart and Brenda Barnhart


When I feel like that… I think to myself and say, “Self? It´s just another character builder!!!
Keep your money coming and stay free of them that harm us and take our freedoms away…
And all will be well.
Your beautiful, that´s for sure, and you´ll never ever fade.”

Submitted by: Dawn Kalkbrenner


We see a miracle from God each and every day, most times before we leave home in the morning. In the anticipation of beginning the day, we can easily not notice. So each new day that we are blessed with, take some time and really look at the miracle………… in the mirror.

Submitted by: Glenn



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